Ever have an epiphany like that you are alone, wafting your way through a tunnel so dark, that you couldn't even see your fingers?
Yet, you kept moving forward as if your legs have a mind of their own. You are very afraid of what is waiting at the end. However, you are even more afraid of what is to come if you were to just stand there and wait...
In the midst of your thoughts and fear, you are welcomed by a light so bright that for a moment, you couldn't see what is beyond.
Somehow, you have found your way out without realising and came into this lush meadow that is enfolded by the sun's golden rays.. The birds are chirping a familiar melody while butterflies are gliding around the flower bushes.. You might be alone but you have never felt more at peace and at home than at this moment...

These are the thoughts and emotions that I felt when I'm staring at the revolving carousels and listening to their melody.

Payment and Collection

Collection of Merchandises

Option 1: Cash and Carry (highly recommended)

Every weekend. (Seller to provide location choices via email)
Customers are encouraged to bring the exact amount.

Option 2: Funds Transfer and Carry

Customers can transfer the funds into our POSB account, scan and email us the transaction receipt, then pickup the good at the above-mentioned time and location.

Option 3: Funds Transfer and Delivery

Customers can transfer the funds into our POSB account, scan and email us the transaction receipt, giving us a specified address to deliver the merchandises to. The customer will have to bear with the extra delivery charge that is applicable.

Urgent Requests/Certain Circumstances

For customers who require the merchandise on very short notice (e.g. within 1 to 2 days period), please mention URGENT in the subject of your email.

Customers who are unable to collect the goods at the above-mentioned time and location, please feel free to notify us and we will try our best to accommodate to your request with no extra charge

To Order

If customers want to collect the good by Friday of a particular week, they have to email their orders by 12p.m. on Wednesday of that week. Any time after that, the picking up will fall to the next Friday OR customers can try to make an urgent request (see above 'Urgent requests' for reference).

All the prices are quoted in SGD (Singapore dollars)

Please email to whimsicalfantasies@hotmail.com in the following order format:

- Title or code of the item you wished to purchase:
- Name:
- Email address:
- Contact no:
- Choice of Payment and Collection methods: Option_

- Special request(if any):

*Mention URGENT in the subject line if it is an 'Urgent Request'.

Only make payment after recieving our order confirmation email

We will reply to your email address or contact provided with the availability of the item.
If there is stock for the piece you chose, we would reply you with the order confirmation and finalise the details as well. If you have chosen Option 2 or 3, in the email, we will also include the POSB account no. for the funds to be transferred into, and the request to view the receipt of funds transfer.

Overseas Customers

For keen overseas customers, we do accept overseas orders and our customers can pay via our paypal account. The customer will have to bear with the overseas delivery charges & any surcharge (not more than 5% of the merchandise's retail price) that is applicable.

Interested customer, you can email us at whimsicalfantasies@hotmail.com with the location to send the merchandise to.

We will then reply you with the price of the merchandise in your respective currency with the delivery cost and surcharge that is applicable. After that, you can decide whether you want to purchase the merchandise.


If you have any enquiries, feel free to drop us a email at whimsicalfantasies@hotmail.com.