Ever have an epiphany like that you are alone, wafting your way through a tunnel so dark, that you couldn't even see your fingers?
Yet, you kept moving forward as if your legs have a mind of their own. You are very afraid of what is waiting at the end. However, you are even more afraid of what is to come if you were to just stand there and wait...
In the midst of your thoughts and fear, you are welcomed by a light so bright that for a moment, you couldn't see what is beyond.
Somehow, you have found your way out without realising and came into this lush meadow that is enfolded by the sun's golden rays.. The birds are chirping a familiar melody while butterflies are gliding around the flower bushes.. You might be alone but you have never felt more at peace and at home than at this moment...

These are the thoughts and emotions that I felt when I'm staring at the revolving carousels and listening to their melody.

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